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Blame! (ブラム!, Buramu!) is a ten-volume cyberpunk manga by Tsutomu Nihei. The tagline for this manga is "Adventure-seeker Killy in the Cyber Dungeon quest!" or "Maybe on Earth, Maybe in the Future".

A six part original net animation was produced in 2003, with a seventh episode included on the DVD release. A full-length CGI render movie is in the works.

Killy, a silent loner possessing an incredibly powerful weapon known as a Gravitational Beam Emitter, wanders a vast technological world known as "The City". He is searching for Net Terminal Genes, a (possibly) extinct genetic marker that allows humans to access the "Netsphere", a sort of computerized control network for The City. The City is an endless vertical space of artificially-constructed walls, stairways and caverns, separated into massive "floors" by nearly-impenetrable barriers known as "Megastructure". The City is inhabited by scattered human and transhuman tribes as well as hostile cyborgs known as Silicon Creatures. The Net Terminal Genes appear to be the key to halting the unhindered, chaotic expansion of the Megastructure, as well as a way of stopping the murderous horde known as the Safeguard from destroying all humanity.

Along the way, Killy meets and joins forces with a resourceful engineer named Cibo and a tribe of human warriors called the Electro-Fishers. They are pursued by the Safeguard, who view any human without Net Terminal Genes as a threat to be extinguished on sight.

Tokyo Magnitude 8.0 (東京マグニチュード8.0)

Summary:The premise of the project is the 70% or higher possibility that a magnitude 7.0 earthquake will occur in Tokyo in the next 30 years. The anime will depict what would happen if an 8.0 earthquake took place. The story will center on Mirai, a middle school freshman girl who goes to Tokyo’s artificial Odaiba Island for a robot exhibition with her brother Yutaka at the start of summer vacation. A powerful tremor emanates from an ocean trench, the famed Tokyo Tower and Rainbow Bridge crumble and fall, and the landscape of Tokyo changes in an instant. With the help of a motorcycle delivery woman named Mari who they meet on Odaiba, Mirai and Yutaka strive to head back to their Setagaya home in western Tokyo.


Satomi Hanamura - Mirai Onosawa
Yuko Kaida - Mari Kusakabe
Yumiko Kobayashi - Yuuki Onosawa

Opening Theme:
"Kimi no Uta (キミノウタ)" by abingdon boys school
Ending Theme:
"M/elody" by Shion Tsuji


Airing:9 July

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The story centers on Kana Nakamichi, a middle-school girl who had already lost her parents and just recently lost her only remaining relative, her grandmother. As a result, she ends up living and working at a newspaper delivery office. Everyone else living at the office are all charming, self-assertive bishōjo. The manga follows Kana's daily life in the fast-paced yet joyous environment.

official websites :

Kana Nakamachi: Aki Toyosaki
Haruka Nishida: Yui Horie
Hinata Azuma: Eri Kitamura
Mika Kujiin: Rie Kugimiya
Saki Amano: Kaoru Mizuhara
Yume Kitaoka: Ryou Hirohashi
Yuuki Minami: Aya Endo

Airing: 5 July

Opening Theme:
"Kimi he to Tsunagu Kokoro (君へとつなぐココロ)" by Aki Toyosaki, Kaoru Mizuhara and Rie Kugimiya
Ending Theme:
"Yahho!!" by Yui Horie


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Umi Monogatari ~ Anata ga Itekureta Koto

The famous pachinko series by Sanyo Bussan : Umi Monogatari, will be adapted into anime spinoff for this summer. The anime is directed
Publish Post
by Aria series director.

official website:

Director: Junichi Sato (Aria, Kaleido Star and Princess Tutu)
Series director: Yuu Kou
Original story: Toshihiko Tsukiji (Creator of Maburaho)
Series composition: Yuka Yamada
Screenplay: Yokotani Mashiro, Reiko Yoshida
Character Designer: Haruko Iizuka
Art director: Shichiro Kobayashi
Music: Ken Muramatsu
Animation production: ZEXCS (Chrome Shelled Regios, Rental Magica, Mamoru-kun ni Megami no Shukufuku wo!)

Asumi Kana as Marin
Kotobuki Minako as Kanon
Horie Yui as Urin

Marin and her sister Urin live in the sea. One day they find a ring fallen into the sea. They get out of the sea and meet a girl Kanon, the owner of the ring. Kanon tells them she doesn't want the ring anymore because it was given by her boyfriend whom she just broke up with, and she throws it into the sea again. Marin thinks Kanon is still in love with him and looks for the ring. But she accidentally breaks a seal on the sea floor...

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K-On! last episode

Finally the last episode of K-On!. It's already flying around the internet since last night. This last episode really makes me confuse, because in the end I don't see anything like any other finale. It's just Ritsu, Mio, Mugi, Azusa and Yui sitting in their preparation room. Nothing special. But in this last episode we can see that all the character have already matured despite the mature thing is simple things. Nothing changed in the OP and ED song. In Japan, K-On! is booming rapidly. All the fans around the world want the next season. I hope that the one who made it is listening.....

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Neon Genesis Evangelion

This anime is a legend. Many awards had been given to this anime. Some awards were from film festival. The anime was created by Gainax, written and directed by Hideaki Anno, and co-produced by TV Tokyo and Nihon Ad Systems (NAS). Gainax suddenly gained many die hard fans because of Evangelion anime. This anime was a controversial because of it's story and plot that included some of Catholic and believes around the world. Hideaki Anno made us confused by it's emotional character.

The characters were Shinji Ikari, Rei Ayanami and Asuka Langley Soryu. According to Anno, Evangelion was an attempt to make all perspectives into one, creating characters that represent different things to different viewers to make it impossible for everyone to arrive at a single theory. I had to watched this anime for few times till I understand fully about the story really was.

The most prominent symbolism takes its inspiration from Judeo-Christian sources and frequently uses iconography and themes from Judaism, Christianity, Gnosticism,[58] and Kabbalism, in the series's examination of religious ideas and themes.

Evangelion had 1 movie. Neon Genesis Evangelion : Death & Rebirth. There will be a live action movie in 2009 if they don't cancel it. The live action movie will be made by ADV, Gainax, and Weta Workshop Ltd.. Its release is currently projected to occur at any time ranging from as early as 2009 to as late as 2015. In December 2005, Fortune Magazine reported in an article about ADV Films that it had raised "about half of the $100 million to $120 million" needed to produce the film. It's not completely clear if this money was raised by ADV alone or if part of that amount was contributed by Gainax. Gainax already spent a lot of money on this project. Hopefully this live action is not like Dragon Ball.

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Keroro Gunsou : Sgt. Keroro and gangs

Who can ever forget this stupid Sgt. kKeroro. I just can't stop watching all the episode. This is a real surprise to a comedy anime as the characters are really well done. Each character has his or her own unique personality. Facial expressions are carefully done to ensure that their personality shows even on their faces. Character development is fairly well done in this series as well. I just found out that the fifth movie will come out. Don't know the exact date, but I will look for it. I'm still confused with Pekopen or Pekopon. Because in the anime all the frog say Pekopon. While most of the review in the internet type Pekopen. Anyway, this anime had a lot of episode and I'm still watching, huff.....

Anime Lover want to write something

Phew... I had done a lot of work building this blog, 2 days and still going because I already learn so much about blogging... thanks to google and many people that were willing to publish their E-books... I want to make this blog as a review and brief explanation on what, when, who about Anime / Japan Cartoon... Some says that it's useless to make a blog that is common... But in my blog, I want to give information from old Anime's to the new one withouth giving subjective comments... I write based on the ratings, viewers, and almost all the Anime I wrote here was good... In summary, I just want to say thank you for reading my blog and I hope you will come back regularly... ^^


K-On! is Kyoto Animation big project, replacing canceled Tonari 801 Chan and maybe reason why Haruhi Season 2 was delayed. Story is basically 4 untalented students try to rescue a dying music club in school. It is based on 4 koma (panel) manga. It is scheduled to air around April.

Aki Toyosaki as Yui Hirasawa
Asami Sanada as Sawako Yamanaka
Chie Tōdō as Nodoka Manabe
Madoka Yonezawa as Ui Hirasawa
Minako Kotobuki as Tsumugi Kotobuki
Satomi Satou as Ritsu Tainaka
Yōko Hikasa as Mio Akiyama

Official anime site:


Opening Theme:
"Cagayake! GIRLS" by Aki Toyosaki with Yoko Hisaka, Satomi Satou and Minako Kotobuki

Ending Theme:

"Don't say ''lazy''" by Yoko Hisaka with Aki Toyosaki, Satomi Satou and Minako Kotobuki

Akane-Iro ni Somaru Saka

Alternative title:
あかね色に染まる坂 (Japanese)
Plot Summary:
In order to protect the girl Yuuhi Katagiri, a new transfer student, from danger, Junichi Nagase is forced to kiss her. Not understanding what happend, she screams at him, not knowing that her father has arranged for her to marry him
Official Website

Shinkyoku Soukai Polyphonica crimson S

The original story of Polyphonica is set on an alternate world where "Spirits" can exist alongside humans. There are "Dantists" who can play music and communicate with the Spirits, and Tatara Phoron is one such Dantist who is in contact with a spirit named Corticarte Apa Lagranges.

The new series will again focus on Corticarte, but it will tie into Ichiro Sakaki and Noboru Kannatsuki's Shinkyoku Sōkai Polyphonica crimson S light novel adaptation, which are set during the Academy years of the storyline. The first crimson S novel volume have shipped on November 15. T.O Entertainment, Inc. and Ginga-ya already produced an anime series which ran on Japanese television last spring (2007), but the new series is not listed as a continuation or second season of the older anime.
Number of episodes: 12

Vintage: 2009-04-04

Opening Theme:
"phosphorus" by eufonius
Ending Theme:
"Koi no Uta (こいのうた)" by Haruka Tomatsu

Haruka Tomatsu as Corticarte Apa Lagranges
Hiroshi Kamiya as Tatara Phoron
Ayako Kawasumi as Tsuge Eufinley
Katsuyuki Konishi as Psyche Renbart
Nana Mizuki as Perserte Yugiri
Rina Satou as Prinesca Yugiri

Animation Production: Diomedea
AT-X (2009-04-21)
Chiba TV (2009-04-09)
Gifu Broadcasting (2009-04-09)
MBS (2009-04-04)
Mie TV (2009-04-09)
TV Kanagawa (2009-04-04)
TV Saitama (2009-04-04)

Music Production:Lantis
Sound Production: Magic Capsule

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Detroit Metal City

Title L Detroit Metal City
Japanese Title : デトロイト・メタル・シティ
Official Site : http://www.go-to-dmc.jp/
Category : OVA
Total Episodes : -
Genres : Comedy, Music
Year Published : 2008
Release Date : 2008-08-08
Broadcaster : -
Studio : -
US Distribution : -

Based on the seinen manga by Wakasugi Kiminori serialised in Young Animal.

Souichi Negishi is a shy young man who came from the rural Ota Prefecture to Tokyo for college and wished to become a kindergarten teacher. However, for some reason he became the singer and songwriter of a metal band named "Detroit Metal City," with a stage name "Johannes Krauser II." Whenever he wears the heavy makeup, Negishi becomes a completely different person, shouting the most vulgar profanities beyond anyone's imagination. With the popularity of DMC increases, Negishi starts worrying his double personalities can have negative effects on his (romantic) life off stage.

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Asura Cryin'

"The main character, Natsume Tomoharu [Irino Miyu], takes the opportunity to live on his own when he enters high school. Although he appears to be a normal high school student at first glance, there is one thing about him which isn't normal. He's haunted by the ghost of a young girl, Minakami Misao [Tomatsu Haruka].

Tomoharu moves to his new place of residence, Meioutei, and starts enjoying a carefree high school life. But this is all ruined when a beautiful girl named Kurosaki Shuri [Tanaka Rie] appears with a trunk which Tomoharu's brother told her to pass on to Tomoharu. The presence of the trunk causes the appearance of Takatsuki Kanade [Nonaka Ai], a girl dressed like a shrine maiden who is after the trunk.

Because Tomoharu is in possession of the trunk, he will come face to face with the the hidden truth of this world."

Air Date; Time(JST): Apr 2, 2009; 9:30PM
Number of Episodes: 13 episodes
Studio: Seven Arcs - Inukami, Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha, Sekirei
Genre: Action
Fansub Group: Chihiro, Saitei Subs, AllofThem (AoT), AasaSubs

Miyu Irino as Natsume Tomoharu
Haruka Tomatsu as Minakami Misao
Ai Nonaka as Kanade Takatsuki
Sayuri Yahagi as Ania
Rie Tanaka as Shuri Kurosaki
Eri Kitamura as Rikka Kurasawa

Official website:

Opening Theme:
"Sprial" by angela

Ending Theme:
"Link" by angela

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Queen's Blade

Alternative title:
クイーンズブレイド (Japanese)
Genres: action
Plot Summary: In 4 years time the competition that will decide who the next Queen shall be will start. The strongest warrior will continue to rule the country according to tradition and expand it. The contestants need only be older than 12 years. They need not be human, intelligent or even of that country. The rules for the tournament are simple: murder is allowed. Any weapon can be chosen. The winner is decided when one of the participants flees or can't move anymore. Such event is broadcasted trough a crystal sphere by the court's magic teacher to all population to see and enjoy.
Vintage: January 2009
Official website: http://queensblade.tv/

Leina/Reina: Kawasumi Ayako
Tomoe: Noto Mamiko
Nanael: Hirano Aya
Claudette: Tanaka Atsuko

Senjou no Valkyria

Vintage: 2009-04-04
Opening Theme:
"Ashita e no Kizuna" by HIMEKA
Ending Theme:
"Ano Kaze ni Notte" by pe’zmoku

Marina Inoue as Alicia Melchiott
Susumu Chiba as Welkin Gunther
Houko Kuwashima as Isara Gunther
Jun Fukuyama as Maximilian
Junko Minagawa as Logie
Kenji Nomura as Largo Potter
Sayaka Ohara as Selvaria Bles
Takahiro Sakurai as Faldio Landzaat
Akio Ohtsuka as Radi Jaeger
Atsuko Tanaka as Eleanor Varrot
Chikao Ohtsuka as Berthold Gregor
Junko Minagawa as Rosie

Animation Production: A-1 Pictures Inc.

Animax (2009-04-13)
BS11 Digital (2009-04-11)
Chiba TV (2009-04-04)
Chubu-Nippon Broadcasting Co., Ltd (2009-04-10)
MBS (2009-04-04)
Tokyo MX TV (2009-04-06)
TV Hokkaido (2009-04-10)
TV Kanagawa (2009-04-04)
TV Saitama (2009-04-06)
TVQ Kyushu Broadcasting Co., Ltd. (2009-04-09)

Original Creator:

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Umineko no Naku Koro ni

Alternative title:

うみねこのなく頃に (Japanese)

horror, mystery

Plot Summary:
Umineko no Naku Koro ni takes place in the year 1986, during the time frame of October 4 and October 5 on a secluded island named Rokkenjima (六軒島, Rokkenjima). The head of a wealthy family named Kinzo Ushiromiya, who lives on and owns Rokkenjima, is near death, and eight of his family members arrive on the island to discuss how Kinzo's assets will be divided once he is dead. Also on the island are three family members who live there, five of Kinzo's servants, and his personal physician. After the eight family members arrive, a typhoon traps them on the island and shortly after people start to get mysteriously murdered.


Opening Theme:
"片翼の鳥 (One-Winged Bird)" by Shikata Akiko

Official website:
「うみねこのなく頃に」ホームページ (Japanese)

Daisuke Ono as Battler Ushiromiya
Marina Inoue as Jessica Ushiromiya
Sayaka Ohara as Beatrice
Yui Horie as Maria Ushiromiya
Akihiko Ishizumi as Nanjo Terumasa
Ami Koshimizu as Rosa Ushiromiya
Atsuko Tanaka as Kyrie Ushiromiya
Emi Shinohara as Natsuhi Ushiromiya
Hitoshi Bifu as Toshiro Gohda
Juurouta Kosugi as Krauss Ushiromiya
Kenichi Suzumura as George Ushiromiya
Masashi Hirose as Hideyoshi Ushiromiya
Masato Funaki as Genji Ronoue
Miki Itou as Eva Ushiromiya
Mugihito as Kinzo Ushiromiya
Rie Kugimiya as Shannon
Rikiya Koyama as Rudolf Ushiromiya
Yasuko Hatori as Chiyo Kumasawa
Yu Kobayashi as Kanon

Tears to Tiara

Alternative title:
ティアーズ・トゥ・ティアラ (Japanese)
Genres: adventure, fantasy
Number of episodes: 11
Vintage: 2009-04-05
Opening Theme:
"Free and Dream" by Suara
Ending Theme:
"Blue sky, True sky" by Aira Yuki
Official website:
TVアニメーション ティアーズ・トゥ・ティアラ (Japanese)

Based on the strategy role-playing eroge by Leaf.

After a Demon King named Arawn who was sealed away for 1,000 years is being relaesed by girl named Rhiannon (who is made for sacrifice for his ressurection) releases him, they start to travel together and she becomes emotionally attached to him

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Zero no Tsukaima: Princesses no Rondo

Alternative title:
ゼロの使い魔 ~三美姫(プリンセッセ)の輪舞(ロンド)~ (Japanese)
Genres: comedy, fantasy, romance
Themes: Magical girl
Vintage: 2008-07
Opening Theme:
Ending Theme:
"Gomen ne" by Rie Kugimiya
Official website:


3rd Zero no Tsukaima Anime: Summer's Princesses no Rondo

The title of the third Zero no Tsukaima (The Familiar of Zero) television anime series has been announced at Tokyo International Anime Fair 2008 and on the franchise's website: Zero no Tsukaima: Princesses no Rondo. The anime's premiere is now set for this summer in Japan. Noboru Yamaguchi and Eiji Usatsuka's original light novels begins with Louise, a hapless, struggling student who has earned the nickname "Zero Louise" from her fellow students in the Tristein Academy of Magic in an alternate world. When she tries to summon an animal companion to be her familiar, she ends up summoning Hiraga Saito — a Japanese boy from Earth.

The third series was first announced in December. Director Yuu Kou (Chrono Crusade, Loveless) and character designer Masahiro Fujii (Mahoraba ~Heartful days~) will return from the first two series. Series script supervisor Nahoko Hasegawa (Hidamari Sketch, Armitage: Dual-Matrix) has joined the staff. Rie Kugimiya (Louise) will lead a cast that is almost entirely intact from the first two series. Geneon Entertainment announced that it acquired the rights to the first anime series, but the North American release has been in limbo due to Geneon's pullout from in-house production and distribution of anime.

K-On! Character

Yui Hirasawa
(平沢 唯, Hirasawa Yui)
Voiced by: Aki Toyosaki
Yui is the main character of K-On!. She is one of the members of the light music club, and plays a Heritage Cherry Sunburst Gibson Les Paul Classic electric guitar. She does not get good grades in school (though when properly coached, she can achieve astounding results) and is easily distracted by trivialities. Yui is clumsy and easily spaces out most of the time. She takes a huge liking for any kind of food (but admits that she does not gain any weight). She has her younger sister Ui to take care of her and keep herself in line. She has a very easy-going nature, but when hyped, has incredible concentration, though this is only limited to one subject at a time. She will totally neglect any other things in the process, to the point of forgetting anything she has learned beforehand. Despite all of this, Yui is still devoted to her band and will practice hard enough for the club. She has perfect pitch and is one of the group's vocalists , although she is known to forgetting her lyrics at mid-performance, as well as overdoing things, making her unable to perform sometimes.
Ritsu Tainaka
(田井中 律, Tainaka Ritsu)
Voiced by: Satomi Satō
Ritsu (or Ricchan, as nicknamed by Yui) is the president of the light music club and plays a Yamaha Hipgig Drumset. She has an ambiguous yet upbeat personality, and often has trouble remembering important club activities and announcements. Ritsu is cheerful, often likes making jokes and is sarcastic most of the time. She usually brainstorms for ideas to earn more money and for the club's success. She says she chose to play the drums because they are "cool", but in reality, she admits that she has trouble playing instruments which involve intricate finger movements, such as the bass, guitar and keyboard. She is a childhood friend of Mio and will often tease her whenever she is cowering from something and has the opportunity to do so. Ritsu is always on the go and will stop at nothing for the success of the light music club.
Mio Akiyama
(秋山 澪, Akiyama Mio)
Voiced by: Yōko
HikasaMio is a shy girl who is in the light music club and plays a left-handed, 3-Color Sunburst Fender Precision Bass (Fender Jazz Bass in the anime), with a tortoiseshell pickguard. She originally intended to join the literary club, but is forced into the light music club by her childhood friend and the club's drummer, Ritsu. She gets excellent grades in school, but is bad with listening to stories involving macabre experiences, and cowers whenever something gross is brought up. While she can be mature and strict sometimes, she gets embarrassed easily, and is often teased by Ritsu and Sawako, their club adviser. She cites that she chose bass since it is not the center of attention in the band, unlike the guitarist (though being the vocalist somewhat negates this). Mio is more technical when it comes to music, and Yui often comes to her when she is in need of more guitar tutorials. She is the main vocalist in the group and also writes the songs, although they feature some odd lyrics like "Light and Fluffy Time". She is left-handed and is fascinated by other left-handed bass guitar players. Due to an unexpected accident in one of their live performances, a fan club for her is then made (much to her dismay considering the circumstance).

Tsumugi Kotobuki
(琴吹 紬, Kotobuki Tsumugi)
Voiced by: Minako
Kotobuki Tsumugi, often referred to as 'Mugi' by her friends, is a wealthy girl with a gentle and sweet personality who plays a Korg Triton Extreme 76 Key keyboard in the light music club. Tsumugi is considered a piano prodigy since she has been playing the piano since she was four and has experience in winning various piano contests. She is the daughter of a company president, and her family has several villas in various places around Japan. She often brings confectionery and an assortment of sweets and pastries to the club room, and she diligently makes tea with a tea set which is kept in their club room. Although she is a sweet and gentle girl, she is often weirdly entranced by the sight of two girls interacting closely together, sometimes imagining something more risqué in her head (both Mio and Ritsu find this awkward at times). She originally intends to join the choir club, but joins the light music club instead after receiving an invitation and encouragement from both Mio and Ritsu.
Azusa Nakano
(中野 梓, Nakano Azusa)
Voiced by: Ayana Taketatsu
Azusa is a new student who joins the light music club and plays a Fender Mustang electric guitar. She is in the same year and class as Ui and has quite a mysterious demeanor. She is a self-proclaimed novice guitarist who has been playing the guitar since she was in the fourth grade, and her parents are working in a jazz band. She often finds herself bewildered by the tea parties and cosplaying aspects of the club, when she would rather just practice and is curious on how the club is able to play so well despite their problems and lack of practice. However, she has a certain weakness for cakes and can be calmed down rather easily, sometimes by just being petted. She is constantly hugged by Yui and is nicknamed Azu-nyan after trying on a pair of cat ears and meowing. In the band, she looks up to Mio the most due to her maturity and the fact that she is an experienced bassist. Since joining, Yui comes to her for advice on playing guitar, as well as maintenance.

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K-On! (けいおん, Keion!) is a Japanese four-panel comic strip manga written and illustrated by Kakifly. The manga started serialization in Houbunsha's seinen manga magazine Manga Time Kirara since the May 2007 issue, and also started a bimonthly serialization in Houbunsha's magazine Manga Time Kirara Carat since the October 2008 issue. An anime adaptation produced by Kyoto Animation began airing in Japan on April 3, 2009. The title of the series comes from the Japanese word for light music, keiongaku (軽音楽). This is not to be confused with the western meaning of light music—a more accurate translation might be contemporary or pop music.


K-On! began as a four-panel comic-strip manga written and illustrated by Kakifly. The manga started serialization in Houbunsha's Manga Time Kirara manga magazine in the May 2007 issue sold on April 9, 2007. The manga has also appeared as a guest bimonthly serialization in Manga Time Kirara's sister magazine Manga Time Kirara Carat starting with the October 2008 issue sold on August 28, 2008. The first bound volume was released on April 26, 2008, and the second followed on February 26, 2009.


An anime adaptation directed by Naoko Yamada, written by Reiko Yoshida, and produced by Kyoto Animation began airing on April 3, 2009 on TBS in Japan. The episodes began airing on subsequent networks at later dates which include BS-i, MBS, and Chubu-Nippon Broadcasting. The TBS airings are in 4:3 ratio, and the series began airing in widescreen on BS-TBS on April 25, 2009.

The anime's opening theme is "Cagayake! Girls" by Aki Toyosaki with Yōko Hikasa, Satomi Satō and Minako Kotobuki. The ending theme is "Don't say 'lazy'" by Hikasa with Toyosaki, Satō and Kotobuki. The opening and ending theme singles were released on April 22, 2009 by Pony Canyon. A single containing the insert song "Light and Fluffy Time" (ふわふわ時間, Fuwa Fuwa Time?) used in episode six was released on May 20, 2009. A series of four character song singles will be released containing songs sung by the voice actresses of the four main characters. The singles for Yui (by Toyosaki) and Mio (by Hikasa) will be released on June 17, 2009, and the singles for Ritsu (by Satō) and Tsumugi (by Kotobuki) will be released on August 26, 2009. The anime's original soundtrack, largely composed by Hajime Hyakkoku, was released on June 3, 2009.

PS : There are already 12 episode of K-On anime in the internet. The finale will be revealed this Friday. You can search it easily. Enjoy!