Saturday, July 4, 2009

Yakuza Girl - Blade Shikake no Hanayome

Summary :
Set in modern day Japan on the grounds of Daihon Academy, the manga follows the protagonist Senguu Fumihiro as he enters the academy, claimed to be one of the most prestigious in the entire country, to find a wife and thus satisfy the wish of his grandmother (whom wanted to see her great grandchildren before passing away). Of course, knowing absolutely nothing of what he sees as a top-level school, Fumihiro is caught completely off guard when he learns that technically every student and teacher of Daihon is in fact wielder of supernatural skills and powers. Worst however, is that the students, aggregated in "clans", are allowed to brutally murder each other - even their grades are based upon their enemies' death toll (i.e. the number of students of enemy clans they killed). In such an absurd scenario, Fumihiro's aid comes from Akari, the girl to whom he proposed when he saw her for the firs time.

Categories: action, ecchi, horror, mature, shounen

Author: Masaki Motonaga

Artist: Yu-Go Okuma


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